Timetable 2017

Rieti 2017
MEETING TIMETABLE (as at 12:30 on 18 August 2017)
Time Event Gender Round Event Gender Round
4.35pm 100 metres Men Heats Triple Jump Men FINAL
4.52pm 800 metres Women FINAL B
5.00pm 800 metres Men FINAL B Pole Vault Women FINAL
5.07pm 100 metres Women FINAL
5.15pm 3000m Steeplechase Men FINAL
5.20pm Javelin Throw Men FINAL
5.30pm High Jump Men FINAL
5.30pm 1500 metres Women FINAL
5.40pm 100m Hurdles Women FINAL
5.50pm Long Jump Women FINAL
5.53pm 800 metres Men FINAL A
6.00pm 100 metres Men FINAL
6.08pm 800 metres Women FINAL A
6.15pm 1500 metres Men FINAL
6.25pm 200 metres Women FINAL
6.35pm 3000 metres Men FINAL

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