Rieti - The first seniors race of the 2005 IAAF GP Rieti Meeting could suddenly lead to a new Italian women's record, the one of 400 m. hurdles which will start at 17.05 - just after the two junior trophies - the XXXVth edition of the kermesse created by Sandro Giovannelli : promise of Benedetta Ceccarelli, the Italian low hurdles specialist who, after having missed the Helsinki final, she put on her neck yesterday night the silver medal of the Universiade in Izmir - Turkey
The 25 y.o. from Perugia, on the arrival line only few  cm. after Russian Shiyan, stopped the timing at 55.22  her best of the season ( her personal is 55.14 registered last year), just 12 cents over Italian national record made by Monica Niederstatter, which resists since the World Championship of Seville '99.
"After Helsinki my condition is still very good - explained Ceccarelli at the end of yesterday's race - and to attack Monika's record I have still two possibilities : Rovereto's Meeting 31 of August and, in one week, Rieti's appointment".
On the tartan of "Guidobaldi", in seven days, the athlete of Umbria will find at her side the world record women and new Champion of the World Yuliya Pechonkina, fighting for a new crono below 53" wall : an important reference point to give a kick to Niederstatter record.
This is the temporary time table of the Rieti 2005 IAAF GP Meeting :
15.35  Lazio Region Trophy ; then, following, Varrone Foundation Trophy
17.05  400m H     (W)
17.08  Pole Vault  (M)
17.10  High Jump  (W)
17.15  400m H      (M)
17.25  1500m        (M)
17.32  Triple Jump (W)
17.35  400m          (W)
17.42  800m          (M)
17.50  800m          (W)
18.00  3000m SC  (W)
18.12  Javelin T.     (M)
18.15  100m          (M)
18.22  3000m SC  (M)
18,35  200m          (W)
18,42  1500m           (M)
18.52  200m          (M)
19.00  3000m        (M) 
Italian women records established in Rieti from 1971 to now :
100m Cecilia MOLINARI, 11.4, 1971
200m Cecilia MOLINARI, 23.7, 1973
2000m Gabriella DORIO, 5.43.30, 1986
100mhs Ileana ONGAR, 13.8, 1971 
Triple Jump : Magdelin MARTINEZ, 14.73, 2002